Adult Reconstrutive Surgery

Have hip, knee or shoulder problems?   Doctor Pearl is fellowship trained and can get you moving again quickly with minimal pain and discomfort.  Get back to living your life!

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Arthroscopic Surgery

Modern surgeries no longer require opening up a patient.  Our surgery technics provide minimal incisions without stitches getting you back to normal daily activities faster.

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Stem Cell and Advanced Medicine

New York patients need to get back normal functions quickly.  Here at Pearl Orthopedics, we are constantly studying new techniques and methods.  Stem Cell injections increase recovery rate and we are proud to offer this at our office.

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Why do surgery?

Have an old sports injury?  With today's modern surgery practices you can get back to normal quickly and safely.  Our Arthroscopic surgeries only require three small incisions which reduce the risk of infection.

Pearl Orthopedics works at the best surgery centers to provide fast reliable care.  We will work with you and your insurance company to get you the best care available.

Whether your injury is Sports, Workers Comp or personal, know you have a partner in New York to get you back to normal quickly.  Call or Schedule an appointment today!


Next Steps...

We'd love to hear from you to see if you're a candidate for surgery or wish to know more about your options.  Call or email us today!